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uShip’s ‘2011 White Van Man of the Year’ Shifts Perceptions, Saves Lives

uShip’s ‘2011 White Van Man of the Year’ Shifts Perceptions, Saves Lives

LONDON — While the typical White Van Man has made a name for himself, Rick Garrison – owner of Newscourier delivery service near Harlow – is doing what he can to improve those perceptions, even if it means saving a life along the way. Rick’s “We Can Help” motto and…Read more

Don’t Run Empty through Europe

Don’t Run Empty through Europe

You may not have noticed, but over the last two months uShip has launched local platforms in two more European Countries – Launching in The Netherlands in the begining of March, and Austria in the begining of April – making uShip one of the largest transport websites in Europe, covering…Read more

Calculate your annual Fuel Tax Contribution

Quentin Willson of FairFuelUK today presented a symbolic cheque to parliament for £26.2billion on behalf of the hard-pressed motorists and hauliers of Great Britain (see attached photo) .  Quentin was joined by two student nurses, a commuter with a fuel bill bigger than his mortgage, a struggling road haulier, the…Read more

uShip Supports Fair Fuel UK – Make sure You do too – Sign the Petition and tell them Your Story

MISERY MOUNTS AS FUEL PRICES SOAR Back in January, uShip joined the FTA and the RHA in support for the Fair Fuel UK campaign.  The campaign is doing a great job of keeping the fuel price issue highly in the public mind. Fair Fuel UK needs your help.  They need to know how…Read more


FairFuelUK has welcomed comments made by the Chancellor earlier today in which suggested that he is actively considering scrapping the massive 23p per gallon fuel duty hike planned for April and bringing in measures to stabilise the price of fuel.  FairfuelUK is a campaign for all road fuel users backed…Read more

Fuel Crisis is NOT an Environmental Issue

The FairFuelUK Campaign has expressed its disappointment and anger at recent comments from the Transport Secretary Phil Hammond MP when he was interviewed at the weekend about the fuel price crisis.   During the interview, Mr Hammond seemed to imply that the high prices could be justified as a benefit to…Read more

World’s Largest Online Transport Marketplace joins Fair Fuel UK Campaign

World’s Largest Online Transport Marketplace joins Fair Fuel UK Campaign

Join the Fair Fuel UK Campaign – Sign the Petition to call for the abandonment of April’s 3.5p Fuel Tax rise; and pass it onto your friends.

PM talks about “sharing the risk of sharing the risk of higher fuel prices”

Although David Cameron speaks of his desire to "share the risk of higher fuel prices with the consumer" the RHA urges caution with concerns that the fuel duty stabiliser proposed by the government is too complicated to be workable.  Read more in Christopher Walton's article on Road Transport.

Lorry drivers urge for car drivers help to avoid Jackknives

The most common words we're hearing across the traffic announcements are "a jackknifed lorry across the" insert any major road. The FTA move, and with the trailer spinning round, the vehicle usually ends up blocking the width of the road. In the ice, stopping distances are 10 times longer than…Read more

Customers demand Communication from Couriers and Transport Companies

The single issue that customers have cited as being most frustrating with Parcel Deliveries by the main parcel networks during adverse weather conditions is that of poor communication. Royal Mail tracking system is showing jobs up as delivered when they’re not, and parcel carriers such as DPD are so overwhelmed by the…Read more