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Quentin Willson of FairFuelUK today presented a symbolic cheque to parliament for £26.2billion on behalf of the hard-pressed motorists and hauliers of Great Britain (see attached photo) .  Quentin was joined by two student nurses, a commuter with a fuel bill bigger than his mortgage, a struggling road haulier, the…Read more

Rural Fuel Duty Discount is not Enough

RURAL FUEL DUTY DISCOUNT ..’DOESN’T EVEN SCRATCH THE SURFACE OF FUEL CRISIS’…Quentin Willson of FairFuelUK Reacting to news that the Government is going to introduce a rural fuel duty discount in the Highlands and Islands, Quentin Willson of the FairFuelUK said, ‘This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the fuel…Read more

How important do you think Green Issues are to your business?

How important do you think Green Issues are to your business?

As uShip customers show a strong preference for Transporters that offer Green Transport services, and as Fuel Prices continue to set new heights each week, we ask you how important do you think Green Issues are to your business? Please take a minute to answer our quick 5 question survey into what kind…Read more

Enter our Survey to win £20 of Fuel.

Enter our Survey to win £20 of Fuel.

uShip is undertaking a customer survey to find out just how important a factor the Green and Environmental issues are to consumers, particularly when the Greener option doesn’t come at an increased cost. Click here to take the Green Choices survey We have a quick 6 question tick box survey,…Read more

uShip Supports Fair Fuel UK – Make sure You do too – Sign the Petition and tell them Your Story

MISERY MOUNTS AS FUEL PRICES SOAR Back in January, uShip joined the FTA and the RHA in support for the Fair Fuel UK campaign.  The campaign is doing a great job of keeping the fuel price issue highly in the public mind. Fair Fuel UK needs your help.  They need to know how…Read more


FairFuelUK has welcomed comments made by the Chancellor earlier today in which suggested that he is actively considering scrapping the massive 23p per gallon fuel duty hike planned for April and bringing in measures to stabilise the price of fuel.  FairfuelUK is a campaign for all road fuel users backed…Read more

Fuel Crisis is NOT an Environmental Issue

The FairFuelUK Campaign has expressed its disappointment and anger at recent comments from the Transport Secretary Phil Hammond MP when he was interviewed at the weekend about the fuel price crisis.   During the interview, Mr Hammond seemed to imply that the high prices could be justified as a benefit to…Read more

Fair Fuel Petition reaches 15,000 signature mark in days

The Fair Fuel UK Campaign -  www.fairfueluk.com  – which is being backed by the Freight Transport Association, the Road Haulage Association and uShip, has gathered over 15,000** on-line signatures  (in a matter of days) :in support of the government abandoning the fuel duty increase planned on 1st April. Peter Carroll…Read more

PM talks about “sharing the risk of sharing the risk of higher fuel prices”

Although David Cameron speaks of his desire to "share the risk of higher fuel prices with the consumer" the RHA urges caution with concerns that the fuel duty stabiliser proposed by the government is too complicated to be workable.  Read more in Christopher Walton's article on Road Transport.

EU sets sights on Improving Vans Fuel Efficiency

Official EU data, analysed by green transport campaigners T&E, showed Toyota had reduced the average carbon dioxide from its cars by 10 percent last year, more than five times the pace achieved last year by the previous leader, Germany's BMW. Laws were set in 2008 amid fierce opposition from car-building nations…Read more