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Avoid Transportation Fails

Avoid Transportation Fails

Looks like the driver above should’ve gone to uShip! If you have something large or abnormally sized and want to get transported, check out uShip and our feedback rated transporters (with their vans big enough to fit a plush Barney the Dinosaur)

Mubarak Watch: ‘455 Room Palace’ uShip Listing Suggests Egyptian President Still Eyeing Departure

Mubarak Watch:  ‘455 Room Palace’ uShip Listing Suggests Egyptian President Still Eyeing Departure

Contrary to news reports tonight, new evidence suggests Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is  still preparing for a move, possibly to a residence in Greater London.  A uShip customer service representative alerted company executives after stumbling upon a “455 Room Palace” listing Thursday afternoon around 4.30 pm, roughly 30 minutes after…Read more

Driver drives round in Circles for 4 days

Sally Traffic from Radio 2 had a show over the Christmas Period trying to persuade us that the UK did have the equivalent of the Route 66, roads where we could just get out and drive.  Well, it seems that one elderly gentleman took Sally literally, and spent two days…Read more

The shipping network (paradoy of The Social Network Facebook Movie)

For those uShip employees at Friday's Holiday Party who wanted to see this again, here's The Shipping Network trailer, uShip's parody of The Social Network movie trailer on Facebook.  I've embedded the original along with the uShip spoof.  Happy holidays everyone!   The Shipping Network     The Social Network…Read more

How to process 16m Parcels in one night

Fedex braces itself for its busiest night ever, processing 16m parcels through the Texas hub, up 13% on the previous year's high, with an anticipated 220m parcels being delivered over the Christmas period. UPS, the big brother in the US parcel market is on track to deliver 430 million parcels. So, for…Read more

Who knows better than the Sat-Nav?

In my role here at uShip, and previously with Boxby, I have spoken to many many couriers.  Long conversations about the industry, customers, other couriers, and also Sat-Navs.  Now, this may be just my impression, but it appears to me that many Couriers feel that their local knowledge, their on the…Read more

Bugatti Veyron on Ebay – only £779,975.

Every man wants one.  The Bugatti Veyron, on ebay, and with change from £800,000.  It's only done 685 miles, so presumably, untouched by the Top Gear team's delicate hands. And if you're too scared to drive it home up the motorway, the we'd be pleased to arrange car transport for…Read more

Mean and Green – the Worlds Fastest Hybrid Truck

Later this month Swedish truck racing ace Boije Ovebrink will take on a new challenge and aim for the world speed record for the standing kilometre in a Truck, using a Volvo standard truck 16 litre engine with 700 hp, and a powerplant delivering a massive 1900 horsepower. However, the lightened Powertronic…Read more

Relief from UK Couriers and Hauliers as the M4 Bus lane gets ditched

Anyone travelling into London from the West will be aware of the infamous M4 bus lane, made famous by criticism from Jeremy Clarkson from BBC's Top Gear.  The bus lane, created by John Prescott over a decade ago to help buses and taxis get quickly into London from Heathrow is…Read more

All deliveries make it through, despite 30cm of snow

Severe snow fall and business as normal – for Seoul, that is! After watching the BBC news of the UK slowly grinding to a standstill because of the snow, it was amusing to read in the Yonhap News today that despite South Korea suffering the highest ever recorded snowfall in…Read more