5 Things You Can uShip For Less Than… A Season Ticket to Manchester City

The cost of following your favourite football team has fallen in the UK across our top 4 divisions. That said we wondered what you could uShip for less than the cheapest season ticket available in England, which belongs to Manchester City (not that we would ever want to waste even a penny to go see them).

A season ticket costs £299… And for that amount you could ship:

1. Ford Mustang


The iconic muscle car travelled 395 miles for only £280 from Suffolk to South Lanarkshire, where it continues to leave every other car in its trail

2. Sophie’s Piano


We helped Sophie move her grand piano 59 miles for £160 from Oxford to London

3. Grandfather Clock

granddaddy clock

Clocking in at 120 miles for £40, this clock’s owner must be happily chiming away with that bargain move from Portsmouth to Northampton

4. 2 Tables and 10 chairs


The shipper must have been organising a big dinner party, how far did the table and chairs need to move before arriving for the party? 220 miles for £100 from Stirling to Trafford

5. 1969 Wurlitzer jukebox


Helping one lucky person live out their dreams of being the Fonz. This Jukebox was moved 280 miles for £100 from Shoreham to Bamber Bridge. Happy Days!

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