Top 10 Classic Cars transported by uShip

On uShip we have helped to transport 1000s of vehicles over the years. Mostly these cars are your typical run of the mill family runners. However, sometimes we get vehicles so impressive we have to take a moment to sit back and admire their class and beauty.

Are there more cars that could have made this list? Sure. We have had a slew of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins, however, for this list, we used the criteria of cars that don’t scream for your attention but ones you would take notice of if you passed one parked on the street or one rolled next to you at a traffic light. They’re The 10 Most Stylish Cars Shipped on uShip.

10. 2012 Mercedes SLS AMG

Car Transported from Wakefield, UK to Gerrards Cross, UK by Bridgefoot

Mercedes SLS AMG

The Mercedes SLS AMG – The modern day reboot of the iconic 1950s Mercedes roadster. Much like its predecessor it strikes a lovely balance between being a full blown track ready supercar, and an elegant day to day car. The cars stats speak for themselves. We know it’s fast. However, if we’re honest even if this car were horrible to drive we still would have included it solely because of its gull wing doors.

9. 1966 Mercedes 600

Shipped from Ocala, USA to Portland, USA by Drmachetti

Mercedes 600

Owning a Mercedes 600 in the 60s and 70s gave you membership to very exclusive club made up of very famous and similarly infamous people. Aristotle Onassis, Emperor Hirohito, Elvis, John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor and the Pope all owned one, but so did many of the period’s dictators such as Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Idi Amin, Nicolae Ceausescu and Pol Pot. Despite its chequered history in terms of owners the fact it beat both Rolls Royce and Bentley in their traditional field gives it a spot on our list.

8. Porsche 356A Cabrio

Shipped from Brunico, Germany to Hannover, Germany by FahrzeugLogistik

Porsche 356A Cabrio

The first production car from Porsche and a successful racing car back in the 1960s it won marquee racing events from Le Mans to the prestigious Mille Miglia. The style and design of all Porsches produced since can be traced back to the 356A. This already stylish car was taken to new level when rocker Janis Joplin hand painted hers.

7. BMW Isetta 300

Shipped from Niederkaufungen, Germany to Gniebel, Germany by ECTransport

BMW Isetta 300

A controversial choice given the myriad of other vehicles that could have made this list. However, with the resurgence of small city cars such as the Fiat 500, Smart Car and the Mini. The Isetta was the granddaddy of them all. Its futuristic bubble design coupled with a two-tone paint job ensured that although small, it would get noticed.

6. Maserati Sebring

Shipped from Manchester, UK to Regensburg, Germany by 79conrad

Maserati Sebring

The Maserati Sebring, when launched, was the manufacturer’s fastest vehicle, and positioned toward an American audience. Stylistically the oval grille with its chrome surround was flanked by four strong headlights, two either side, which emphasized the powerful look of the Sebring.   

5. Daimler DS420

Shipped from Chepstow, UK to Voitsberg, Austria by 79conrad

Daimler DS420

The Daimler DS420 epitomised luxury in the 70s and 80s, no wonder it was the go to car for ferrying around members of the Royal Family. It is still used in many countries for high ranking officials which shows that it has stood the test of time and has fended luxury car brands such as Bentley and Rolls Royce.

4. 2007 Ferrari Berlinetta

Shipped from Boblingen, Germany to Luedenscheid, Germany by Janssentrans

2007 Ferrari Berlinetta

Our list would not be complete without the inclusion of a Ferrari, in this case the 2007 Ferrari Berlinetta. The car sits low to road  so you can really get the racing driver feeling (or so I am told – unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of driving it myself). Its sleek body, with arrow type headlights and F1 type air inlets make this a truly beautiful car.

3. 1974 Corvette Coupe

Shipped from Birmingham, UK to Middlesbrough, UK by Henrys Transport

Corvette Coupe

This car was exquisite. Its long hood and far back driver’s position  made it look less like a road car but more of racer. The Corvette had the brawns to back the beauty; it packed in 250 bhp and was capable of reaching 60mph in less than 9 seconds.

2. 1926 American Lafrance Firetruck

Shipped from New London, USA to Cowichan Bay, Canada by Jetsai68

American La France

The oldest car on our list clocking in at 87 years old, this roadster was originally built as a fire engine. I think you would agree although not very practical for a battling a fire it certainly looks better than the fire engines of today.

1. Jaguar E Type Lightweight

Shipped from Derby, UK  to Malaga, Spain by Eurocarmovers

Jaguar E Type Lightweight

The most beautiful car ever shipped on uShip! If ever a sports car elicited powerful emotions, the sleek Jaguar E – Type is probably one of the most evocative. The E-type was conceived as a combination of a competition racer and an everyday-use car. The aerodynamic styling of race cars clearly influenced the body’s design—a functional yet unabashedly beautiful bullet silhouette. The most prominent feature—the long, projecting hood—is modelled with a distinguishing “power bulge” that runs down the hood’s centre to accommodate the powerful engine. The view of the of the car’s contours is as compelling to the driver as to the passer-by.

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