Rural Fuel Duty Discount is not Enough


Reacting to news that the Government is going to introduce a rural fuel duty discount in the Highlands and Islands, Quentin Willson of the FairFuelUK said, ‘This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the fuel price crisis now threatening to decimate the economy.  It will help a very few people in only the remotest parts of the UK.  It doesn’t even help the vast rural communities in other parts of the country.  The Government need to take two decisive steps.  They need to announce the scrapping of the 23p April Fuel Duty rise and bring in measures to stabilise pump prices at an affordable level for the whole of Britain.  If they don’t, this is a crisis which could easily overwhelm the Government as well as the economy’.

Peter Carroll of FairFuelUK said, ‘This shows that when the Government wants to act – it can!  The British people know that even with oil prices rising it is the Government that has the biggest influence on fuel prices because of the enormous percentage they take as tax.  We are calling on the whole nation to back FairFuelUK by signing up at so that we can keep piling the pressure on the MPs and Ministers to take steps to tackle this crisis’.


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  • Jane Ollerenshaw

    Living in north Scotland and having limited access to certain services often means a drive to Edinburgh for hospital treatment. A 6 hour round trip and 300 miles. How frustrating to see the same suppliers (very profitable supermarkets and petrol retailers)charging 4p or 5p a litre less for fuel in more urban areas. Areas that have alternatives of public transport compared to the north west of Scotland. These companies have a real opportunity to help rural dwellers by offering a standard country price for fuel. I recognise the more costly logistics of delivering to rural areas but maybe it’s a cost they would be able to bear.